About Eden

Eden Lauren Fletcher is a photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee, where she serves the commercial entertainment community. Eden has been doing photography since the age of 14. During her time in high school she took college-level photography courses taught by Eric Mittman for 6 consecutive semesters. After high school, Eden went on to study commercial photography at Nossi College of Art. While in college, Eden worked part-time as a Direct Photography Specialist for Journeys Shoes. In Fall 2016, Eden was an intern at Westlight Studios in Franklin Tennesse where she was mentored under well known photographer Michael Gomez. At the completion of her internship in the Fall of 2017, Eden worked briefly as the Assistant Studio Manager at Story Forge Nashville, but left after 6 months to focus on her photography. In November of 2019, Eden took on a month-long marketing internship with Morris Light and Sound, where she created creative content for the company that was used for months after her exit. In January 2020, Eden became the Social Media Intern for Circle, a new television network operated by Opry Entertainment and Gray Television. At the age of 19, Eden began collaborating with Paul C Buff to create promotional content for their brand. Since their initial collaboration in 2018, Eden has filmed 3 videos and photographed 2 advertisements with the brand. Her first advertisement with the brand was published in the July 2018 issue of Shutter Magazine, and the second was published in the January 2019 issue of Rangefinder Magazine. The photography equipment company Tether Tools featured Eden in their E-book titled “Commercial Photography". When published, Eden was the youngest photographer featured in the book.

From 2016-2018, Eden Lauren was a booker and scout for a modeling agency in her hometown. This time spent working with models one on one greatly educated her in the world of fashion and also brought forward various opportunities. Eden attended New York Fashion Week in February of 2018. During this week she attended shows hosted by Tom Ford and Self Portrait. Eden returned to New York in September of 2018 and attended shows hosted by Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Brandon Maxwell, and Coach. Eden still continues to scout independently for various agencies throughout the south.

Eden’s music clients include Lali, Johnathan Plevyak, Jo Smith, April Kry, Megan & Liz, Sam Tinnesz, Austin Cain, Laurel & The Love-In, Koko Deniro, Claire Maisto, Jordyn Benedict, Rjay Green, Veronica Selby, Saint Dorian, Jack Decraene, and Grace Harrison.

During her time with Opry Entertainment and Ryman Hospitalities, Eden had the opportunity to photograph and work alongside musicians such as Ricky Skaggs, Vince Gill, Natalie Stovall, Seaforth, and James Carothers.

Eden takes pride in working with both large and smaller acts, as she believes that all creatives deserve to have great imagery that properly represent their brand.

Eden’s commercial clients include A Lady of The Lake, Clemmie Jewelry, Roxenstone, Eric Adler Clothing, Journeys Shoes, Bonefeather, and Retro Valor.

“Your focus determines your reality.” - George Lucas



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